My Thoughts and Thanks – WordCamp Seattle

Over a week later I have finally posted some thoughts and my many thanks to all who made this event such a success. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can read it here.

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Making the Most of the Post WordCamp Blues

It’s over. We know, you’re crushed.

If you’re one of the few that are lucky enough to attend more WordCamps around the world then it’s not quite so bad, but for most of us it’s another full year until we get to enjoy something as awesome as WordCamp again.

However, we’re here to help! There’s so much more WordPress awesomeness in store for you, so there’s no need to wait 363 more days.

1. Presentation Slides

Lucy Beer has put together a list of almost all the slides/presentations from WordCamp. A big thanks to Lucy!

2. Session Videos

All the session videos will be up on in a few weeks so you can re-watch your favorite session or catch the one you missed.

3. Monthly Meetups

A large group of users, designers and developers get together every month and listen to speakers, talk WordPress, and even hack together. Join in for free or keep in touch with the group on the Seattle WordPress Meetup Page.

4. Code Poet

If you’re a designer or developer working with WordPress you can check out the newly launched service from Automattic called Code Poet, which aims to help you improve your skills and offer helpful resources such as sample contracts, tips on pricing, and much, much more!

5. Feedback

Last but not least, in preparation for putting on an even more amazing WordCamp in 2013, we’d love your feedback on how this year’s event was for you. If you haven’t already, please take a minute to give us your feedback.

Thank you for your support and for making the Seattle WordPress community so strong. We look forward to bringing more educational and entertaining events to our community that we love so much!

~ Your WordCamp Organizers
Bob, Grant, Sheila, Bryan, Ben and Andrew

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We Want Your Feedback

A huge thank you goes out to all the attendees, sponsors, speakers, volunteers and others who made WordCamp Seattle 2012 happen. We couldn’t have done it without you.

In order to make WordCamp the best and most community oriented event as possible, please take a quick second to give us your feedback. We look forward to hearing what you loved about this year’s event, and how we can make next year’s even better. Cheers!

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WordCamp Seattle streaming live


WordCamp Seattle live streaming today

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Giving Thanks Where Thanks is Due

WordCamp Seattle wouldn’t be possible without the people and companies in our community that step up to give their support. Today we give thanks to our Premium sponsors, who offered up their hard earned resources to help make this WordCamp happen. Whether they’re using WordPress in their own companies or creating tools for others, these sponsors contribute and make our WP community strong. Take a moment to like and share these sponsors, give them a shoutout, or a big thank you… we couldn’t have done this without their support.

Chris, better known as The Molitor, is a web designer and WordPress theme developer. An active author on Theme Forest, Chris is one of the more popular and creative theme developers around. Check out his themes and read more about him. @themolitor


FreshMuse is a small WordPress oriented design and development firm that focuses on creating rich, desktop and mobile experiences leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress. They’re also hiring. Read more about them and check out their available positions. @FreshMuseDesign


CyberChimps develops professional responsive premium WordPress themes and is responsible for some of the most popular themes in the theme repository. CyberChimps believes in supporting customers, designing premium products that just work, and giving back to the WordPress community. Check out their themes and give them a shout! @CyberChimps


Brave New Code creates amazing WordPress plugins. They are esponsible for some of the best premium plugins on the market, including WPtouch and WPtouchPro. Check out their awesome plugins and give them a shout! @BraveNewCode


Cool Blue Web helps people get the most out of the internet. Whether you need a website, application or just more traffic, they can help. From branding and design to databases and development, they have you covered! Check out their services and give them a shout! @CoolBlueWeb


Big Fish Games is a Seattle based interactive game company. With Big Fish Games, you’ll discover something new every day. They offer a broad selection of interactive games that you can enjoy on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. Check out their games and give them a shout! @BigFishGames

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Still want to go to WordCamp? Need a ticket?

If you still want to go to WordCamp and need a ticket, check out the comments on our registration page. Several peeps are selling them!

And if you are closer to the top of the comment list, I have a few I am giving out and going down the list… so keep an eye out on your email inbox. Of course I am sending only to those I can contact… and if I don’t hear back soon, I will move on to the next person…

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Big Thanks

WordCamp Seattle wouldn’t be possible without the people and companies in our community that step up to give their support. Today we highlight our Platinum sponsors who donated hefty sums to make WordCamp possible. From our unique venue at the Seattle Art Museum to t-shirts for every single attendee, our Platinum sponsors help make these things a reality for this year’s WordCamp. Please take a moment and give them a shout on twitter, visit their sites, or give them a huge thank you.

Code Poet

“Because you make things with WordPress”

A resource for WordPress professionals from the people behind WordPress, Automattic. Check it out and sign up to get first access. @automattic


Press 75

A Premium WordPress Theme Shop

Unique WordPress themes for all types of sites including just what you need, but absolutely nothing you don’t. Less is always more. @press75


The Events Calendar PRO is a paid ad-on to the open source WordPress plugin The Events Calendar. PRO offers a whole host of event management features including recurring events, custom event attributes, saved venues & organizers, venue pages, advanced event admin & lots more. @ModernTribeInc


Technical collaborative work to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, including WordPress! @OpenAtMicrosoft

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UBER to WordCamp Seattle

We know you’re all exciting and gearing up for WordCamp this upcoming weekend, but we thought we’d sweeten the deal a little bit. The very awesome @Uber_Sea is offering some free and discount rides for WordCamp attendees to and from WordCamp, so make sure to check out the details below and plan out your day accordingly. Cheers!

Uber is your key to a sleek ride anywhere in Seattle at any time with the tap of an app. From the quick pick up with a lovely driver to the fact that your fare is automatically charged to your card (tip included!), you’ll love Seattle’s most tech savvy and seamless towncar service. Download the Uber app to your phone and enter the promo code “SEA_WC” to get your first ride FREE! You can also sign up here:

To sweeten the deal, Uber is offering existing Uberers 50% off your ride to and from SAM! Just enter the promo code “SEA_WC50” before riding!

Need more Uber info?
Twitter: @uber_sea

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The After Party

5pm, Saturday May 19th. You have just completed what may go down in history as the best WordCamp of all time. You have connected with dozens of other WordPressers who are using WordPress in interesting and innovative ways. Why not continue the fun at the official WordCamp after party!?

Join us right after WordCamp for some socializing, food, and a drink (or two) at Kells, just up the block from S.A.M. It will be an informal, cover-your-own-tab sort of get-together, where you can mingle with other WordPressers in a relaxed and social atmosphere. We hope to see you there!


Walking distance from WordCamp
1916 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
Get Directions

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Another Speaker Gives Us Her Insights on WordPress

Christine Winckler

Why do you love WordPress?
I love WordPress because it keeps things simple. I think in the development world people are moving past the mentality of giving software all the features they can, instead giving themthe right features, and WordPress really embodies that.

I’ve heard some criticize WordPress for its simplicity, but the overwhelming number of people flocking to WordPress shows it’s onto something. Users can work in it without being overwhelmed, and coders don’t need to learn some new templating language unique to WordPress.

All those people, in turn, enable us to add the features we want when we need them. The amount of plugins and themes available is pretty incredible. To get there, WordPress needs not only a robust development community, but lots of people out there consuming what they make, and it has that.

What is your favorite plugin?
Right now I’d say it’s a plugin called Restricted Site Access. I like to develop online, and I use it to keep the things I’m working on away from the public. Just about every site I work on has it.

I like things that keep it simple, things that just work, without having to think about it. Restricted Site Access is not only reliable, but it’s options blend right into the WordPress privacy page, you wouldn’t know a plugin put them there if you didn’t install it yourself.

I was working on a membership-only site recently. Wanting to give my client a lot of flexibility, I started with a feature-rich membership plugin. However, after finding it just wasn’t working right I scaled back — and found Restricted Site Access did the job wonderfully and with much less ado.

What’s the most interesting project you have ever done that involved WordPress?
I’ve done some interesting migrations from other systems into WordPress. These sites had two much content to make it practical for my client to move manually and there wasn’t an importer available for them, so I had to work to put a export from them into WordPress’s import format. Some features of those systems became huge roadblocks when I had to migrate their sites. It’s made me appreciate how straightforward WordPress is; it would be a lot easier to move WordPress content somewhere else.

What is that one thing WordPress doesn’t do that you wish it did?
I wish WordPress had an alternate configuration that would make it into a non-blog site at a much deeper level than simply giving it a static front page, or removing posts from the admin menu. It’s no longer just a blogging platform, it’s used for a lot of different kinds of sites. However, the blog functionality is still in many ways difficult to get away from. I’ve never had a client that wanted comments on their static pages, for instance, but that’s still the default, and there isn’t a setting that just turns it off. I want a button I can click that would make it so someone using WordPress for a non-blog site would never even know the blog functionality existed, and then be able click it again later to bring the blog back if they decided they wanted one. I’ve been gathering code snippets that one by one will bring me closer to this end, and at some point I may bundle them together in a free plugin.

Visit her site to learn more about Christine.

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