Tickets for 2012 Seattle WordCamp are sold out!

Due to space constraints we will not be releasing any more tickets, however we will be instructing those that have tickets but are not able to go to post their available tickets below.

Please come back to this page to check for available tickets, and subscribe to the comment and blog updates to keep posted on new availability.

If you do arrange a private sale, please contact us so we can update your ticket information.

Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

184 Responses to Registration

  1. Gail Johnson says:

    I have 1 ticket to Seattle WordCamp that I will not be using. Contact me if you would like to purchase it.

  2. Nicole Shema says:

    Gail~ I would love you ticket! You can reach me at Thanks!

  3. Stephanie J. says:

    Hello, Wordcampers.

    I would love to get a ticket to the event. Please email me if you are not able to use yours!

  4. JW says:

    Hello everybody,

    I would like a ticket to WordCamp. Email me at if you would like to sell one.


  5. Joyce Grace says:

    I’m also looking for a ticket! You can contact thanks!

  6. Paul Rovers says:

    Hi All,

    I would love a ticket if you have one to sell. Please email me at



  7. Vanessa says:

    I would like a ticket. Contact me Thanks!

  8. Adam Lea says:

    Would like 2 tickets if at all possible. Coming from Boise… thanks

  9. manika boora says:

    Hi 🙂

    I would love to grab my hands on a ticket to this!! Please contact me at if you have one for me:)


  10. I run a number of WordPress sites and would love to attend, but it looks like the rest of Seattle is already on the waiting list. ; )

    If anyone has a ticket sell, please let me know: john (at) language mastery (dot) com

  11. Eddie Lee says:

    I am looking for a ticket also, and would really appreciate someone with an extra contacting me so I can purchase. Thank you!

  12. Dana West says:

    just another WP fan seeking a ticket…

  13. David says:

    Add me to the ever-growing list. 🙂

  14. Patti Hermoso says:

    Please add me to the list of people looking for a ticket. You can find me at Thanks!

  15. Jade Garcia says:

    Hi! Add me to the list of people looking for a ticket. If you have one to spare email me at

  16. Ryan Dawson says:

    I missed hearing about the info this year and I need to go! I need 2 tickets please. Please email if you can help. Thanks!

  17. Benjamin says:

    I’m looking for two tickets. Send an email to if you can help. Thank you!

  18. Lynette says:

    I would love a ticket. Didn’t buy because I had to be out of town, now that work trip has cancelled. Yikes! Much appreciated!

  19. Ivan O. says:

    If you have one ticket to spare please email me at:

  20. Michele says:

    I’m looking for 3 tickets. If you have any please let me know.

  21. Larry says:

    Looking for 1 ticket to the Seattle WordCamp. Can someone hook me up? Thanks!

  22. Angela says:

    Looking for two tickets to Seattle WordCamp. Please email me at

  23. Annie says:

    Hello from San Francisco! I’m visiting family in Seattle that week, and would love to purchase one ticket please. Email me at

  24. Nelson Tam says:

    1 ticket please, w/ negotiable pricing. 😉

  25. Hi, this is Marion Mehrer here, I live in Kirkland.
    and have been running a blog for a couple years now
    and I would absolutely LOVE to attend, but of course
    I have the same little challenge that many of us do,
    which of course is: I don’t have a ticket!

    So, you’re one of the lucky ones, you bought more tickets
    that you needed or something came up & unfortunately you
    just can’t make it. So, you start looking over the list of names
    sell and you’re trying to decide which of the wonderful
    people on this list should you choose to sell your extra ticket to.

    It could be as easy as you go with the first name you see, or to
    make it a little more exciting you decide to play “Pin the Tale
    on the List”LOL, where you print off the list, tack it up on your wall,
    close your eyes and reach out and just pick someone.

    Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time for you to get more serious
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    of it online and you’re doing everything everyone is
    telling you to do, but nothing much is happening,
    and you’re ready to rip your hair out and/or throw
    your laptop out the window?

    Well ,if you have a ticket to sell and any of the
    scenarios above sound like you, then:

    1. I’d love to buy your ticket and

    2. I’d be honored and excited to
    OFFER YOU one (1) hour of FREE coaching.
    Wow.. that’s at least a $100 value!!

    Below are ideas of which I’m currently
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    – How to Create Your Own Online Brand
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    2. How to Define Your Target Market:
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    4. Productivity Triggers that
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    Wanting to know a bit more about me?
    Feel free to look at;Marion Mehrer – LinkedIn

    Can’t wait to meet you!

    To Everyone’s Success,

  26. Jill says:

    I had no idea these conferences exist…doh! Unfortunately they don’t in Colorado where I live 🙁 If you have a ticket I have the $$, please email me at

  27. Bob Dunn says:

    Hey everyone, I’m giving a ticket away …. all you need to do is tell me what you love about WordPress!

  28. Lynette says:

    I love that WordPress has a clean and easy to use user interface. The dashboard is easy to work with and information an help are easy to find. I am still trying to find the best format, but the ones I’ve tried are quite functional, and easy to implement. Not to mention the wealth of information and articles out there, no way I could keep up with all my interests. Please, please, please pick me!

  29. I really really need a ticket! Please contact me at nancy at thedigitalcelt dot com
    I’ll throw in some graphic design time, too! 😉

  30. Larry says:

    Also need just one ticket – please contact me –


  31. I am looking for a ticket – please email me at or find me on facebook at or twitter at @thesachambers – I really would love to come to Seattle 🙂

  32. Amanda Winn says:

    Would be grateful for a ticket … please email me at

    Thanks Seattle WordPress community!

  33. Miguel says:

    Hi, I ‘m looking for a ticket as well.

    Would be happy to trade for for some design/development. Please contact me at


  34. Jana Hartley says:

    I am interested in a ticket for this event. If you have a ticket available please email me at Thank you, Jana.

  35. I would really love a ticket. Please email me at if you have one. Thank you, Chandrika

    • April Knudsen says:

      Chandrika, I’m not able to attend, and have one ticket that can go to a good home for free 🙂 Do you still need one?

  36. Ta Granados says:

    Watching for a ticket! The foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow. Can I at least purchase one for NEXT year? My amorous sense of life is willing me towards my first Wordcamp experience…only YOU can help! If you’re not able to use your ticket, I can. Email: : )

  37. Dear All, I help people stop smoking by offering free and low cost ways for them to do so. My site is badly in need of an overhaul and I just found out about Seattle Wordcamp today! If you’ll give me your ticket, I’ll tell my Facebook friends about your generosity and your favorite business or cause. Thanks!

  38. Allie says:

    Hi everyone. My husband and I own a 1 Stop Marketing center, and we do everything in house. Our website sucks, and I have been trying to figure out how to do 1 myself and have it functional and trendy:) Hasn’t happened yet. I NEED to chat with someone about it, and WP seems to be amazing. I would like a msg from someone that is going to be at the show. Pls contact me @Allie_Stitchery
    Thanks SO much.

  39. Trevor Green says:

    1 or 2 tickets would be great.

  40. Annie says:

    Hi – I mm not going : ( so have one ticket for sale.
    please email

  41. Allie says:

    YES! I will take it. How much do you want for it?

  42. Ta Granados says:

    BTW, if you sell your ticket to me I will video all the sessions for you. I have a special app on my MAC for capturing everything.


  43. Jenn says:

    I’m no longer able to attend so if someone wants my ticket, please email me at

  44. Ta Granados says:

    I would love to buy your ticket. I just emailed you as well. : )

    • Ta Granados says:

      But, not to me (congrats to the winner!) so please email at if you have one before posting it here. If this message is still here then I haven’t found a ticket yet. Many thanks!

  45. Lookin for A Ticket says:

    I would LOVE a ticket

  46. Syd says:

    Like so many here, I would love to buy a ticket. I will keep checking back and have even made the insane request to have the event at a larger venue so all of us who are clamoring at the gates could go. Crazy, but wouldn’t it be grand if the nearly 40 of us here could go?

  47. It sure would be nice. If the 2010 Seattle WordCamp is any indication there will be many no shows.I know as I helped man the table where you got your name tag. I still don’t understand why 2010 attendees weren’t given advance notice that there was to be a 2012 WordCamp

  48. Grant says:

    Hey all. We understand it’s frustrating to not be able to attend due to limited space. Our plan is to take into consideration this year’s high demand and have a larger venue for next year. We’re so happy that the response has been so positive from the community, and look forward to bringing WordCamp back to Seattle bigger and better every year.

    There are plenty of opportunities for you to stay in touch regarding all WordPress events going on in Seattle, and get involved beyond the annual WordCamp. There is the highly attended monthly WordPress Meetup (, the Facebook Page ( and our twitter account (!/seattlewp), all of which are updated regularly with event information. Please feel free to attend/follow to ensure you don’t miss out in the future!

    • ta granados says:

      Is it a possibility to Screenflow the sessions and charge a nominal fee? I do this regularly with workshops and classes. Although, you can’t ask questions, you do get to see and hear the information.


  49. Larry says:

    I do if it’s still available! Email me larrydill @ Thanks!

  50. Jonathan says:

    I will no longer be able to attend. First to email gets my ticket.

  51. Ann Kendall says:

    I have 2 tickets that I cannot use for Saturday. Please email me to get them, $20 each.

  52. Hi there —

    I’ve got a ticket that it turns out I can’t use; I’m willing to give it to whomever donates 20 bucks or more online to a charity of their choice… (like, charity:water,

    Send me an e-mail directly if you’re willing to do this (don’t donate until you hear from me) and the first person I hear from I’ll give my ticket to… (but you’ve got to show me an acknowledgement from the charity — like a screenshot — no cheatin’!)

  53. Jaffe says:

    Email Sent!

  54. Greg says:

    I’d like to sell one ticket for Saturday. Let me know if you want it. $25

  55. ta granados says:

    I would like it. I see no reply here and no email so I assume it’s mine ??

  56. ta granados says:

    Checked back Greg, you can email if it’s still available. Or, you can just let me know how to get you the money. Cheers, Ta

  57. Nancy says:

    One ticket needed. Contact nancy @ thedigitalcelt dot com

  58. I have one ticket available for $25. Please email

  59. I have a ticket available to sell for $30 thru PayPal…

    email me @

  60. Bob Dunn says:

    For those of you who have listed your name here, we have a few last minute peeps who are not able to attend, and have donated their ticket to be given away. So I am starting at the top of this list and working down for those of you who left an email address. So watch your inbox!

  61. Shannon Houghton says:

    I would love a ticket if any of the donations trickle down here to the bottom.

  62. If there are any tickets available please email me @ robert at 4908hudson dot com. Thanks.

  63. Cathy Britt says:

    I have a $20 ticket that I can no longer use. First person to email me at gets it! Thanks!

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  65. Don Baker says:

    I cannot attend the event. so I have one ticket to sell. Thanks!

  66. sarah watson says:

    I have a ticket to sell if anyone needs one?

  67. sarah watson says:

    hi don! great freakie minds work alike!

  68. Bob Dunn says:

    Okay peeps let’s do this. I have one ticket to give away at this point. Whoever replies to this comment first…it’s yours!

  69. I would love to attend! And had responded quite a while ago.

  70. Brian says:

    Okay… I can’t make it up from PDX 🙁

    So who needs a ticket?

  71. Eldon Berg says:

    I have a Wordcamp ticket available, I will not be attending. Wish I could!

  72. Judith Ryan says:

    I’ve got a ticket for Saturday that I won’t be able to use. Let me know if you want to buy it at cost – $20. I live by Green Lake.


  73. wendy williams says:

    I have a ticket I can’t use. Pay me $20 via paypal and I’ll tell the WordPress folks to switch from my name to yours.

  74. I have 1 ticket for Wordcamp. Email me at and I will arrange for you to get it. Or call 206-617-7091.

  75. Lani says:

    I’m not able to make it this weekend and have one ticket I’d like to sell. Anyone interested?

  76. I have one ticket available to @WordcampSeattle this weekend, May 19th at Seattle Art Museum. $20 and it’s yours. Contact me via twitter @Brian_Henderson

  77. Bob Dunn says:

    If you have posted a ticket here, can you come in and let us know when it is sold? That way I can keep sending people here, or not.. thanks!

  78. Patricia Rosenstrom says:

    I have ticket for Wordcamp 2012 Seattle this Saturday that I would like to sell.

    Email if interested: $20

  79. I had to move back to Idaho and have one ticket to sell. I will donate 1/2 to Obama 2012, so send me your best offer. If you know anyone hiring in Seattle send that info to me to. Have fun! WordPress is the best! Thanks Bob and crew for putting on this event!

  80. Bob Dunn says:

    If you exchange tickets here, please let us know so we can update our records …. you can message me at thanks!

  81. Brian says:

    I still have a ticket. PayPal $20 to

  82. Melissa says:

    I would be interested in a ticket to WordCamp. My e-mail is Thank you!

  83. lani says:

    still got a ticket for $20. pay via email at

  84. Danielle says:

    I have an extra ticket for Saturday. $20. Please e-mail me at if you’re interested. Thanks!

  85. Bob Dunn says:

    Hey WordPressers, I am still getting tickets donated for those who cannot attend. My goal was to start at the top of this list and contact people individually and offer to them first. I went through a few, but have found this tedious work and also time consuming as I wait to hear back for an answer, which is often they already bought one or have other plans now.

    Since it’s only a couple days away, I’m going to make this easy again…

    The next two people to replay to this comment will get a FREE TICKET!

  86. Laird says:

    Hi there all. I have one ticket available that I am willing to sell – let me know if you need one. Hit me at netmaven+wordcamp [at]

    • Laird says:

      I no longer have my ticket to sell.

      I hope everyone has a great time at WordCamp Seattle 🙂

    • Thanks for the ticket, Laird!

      I’ll send you my notes. Too bad I can’t be in every room all at once. Oh well. There’ll be goodness happening everywhere, I’m sure.

      Have a great, albeit WordPress-Less, weekend.

      ea/ from Surrey, BC (south of Vancouver, BC)

  87. robert nelson says:

    Which SAM address is correct(or if both) 1300 1st Ave &/or S Walker Street?

  88. robert nelson says:

    Thanks Bob and will be there (with Bells on) not really LOL. Hope somebody decides to answer my SAM question, as I will be coming by bus and due to age prefer to walk as little as needed.

  89. Jocelyn says:

    I have one ticket to sell. Email me at if interested.

  90. Anyone else going down from Vancouver/Richmond/Surrey in BC? Interested in car pooling?


  91. Ben says:

    I can’t make it…so I have a ticket to sell – $20. Email me at Thx

  92. Jessica Roberts says:

    I have a $20 ticket that I can no longer use. First person to email me at gets it! Thanks!

  93. Barry says:

    If anyone has an extra ticket (possibly 2), shoot me an email


  94. Have one ticket I can’t use. Fire off and email if interested.

  95. Christy Miller says:

    I have one ticket available. Let me know if interested

  96. Jen says:

    I have one ticket to sell; please contact me at

  97. Toolie says:

    I have one ticket to sell. You can reach me at

  98. Kat says:

    I have one ticket available! Email me at:

  99. Eric Mann says:

    Emailed a few people and haven’t heard back from everyone. But I have a friend who waited until the last minute but would still like to attend. If at all possible, I’d like to arrange a ticket for her. Please email me if you can help ->

  100. Toolie says:

    I still have a ticket. I just emailed you my phone number.

  101. lani says:

    I still have a ticket if anyone needs one. email me at:

  102. John says:

    I have one ticket available.

  103. My office has 3 extra tickets available.

    If interested, email me at or find me on twitter @trepmal.

    I will be at the event tomorrow, so can coordinate in the morning if needed.

  104. Shannon says:

    Would like a ticket. If you have one, please contact me.

  105. I have 3 extra tickets.

    Reach me at, or on Twitter (@trepmal).

    I will be at the event, so can coordinate in the morning if needed.

  106. Nick Quinlan says:

    I know it’s late, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to attend. I have one ticket, let me know if you want it. or @n_quinlan

  107. Rob McKenzie says:

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend Wordcamp tomorrow. I know it is short notice but if you are interested in my ticket please contact me at


  108. Amy Taggart says:

    Unfortunately I’m not feeling well and don’t think I’ll make it tomorrow…I need to rest! If you would like to purchase my ticket ($20 via Paypal) please contact me at and I will send the first responder my Paypal address (different from this address). I’ll be keeping an eye on my email into the night until someone responds. Thanks!

  109. Ryan Dawson says:

    My friend just bailed. He won’t be able to come. If anyone wants the ticket for FREE, email me. I will check it tonight and in the morning. The only catch is my friend would like the shirt.

  110. Brad Clure says:

    I have one ticket for sale due to Team Member Cold. Brad @ 360.610.7378 = $20.

  111. Erin Anne Beirne says:

    I’ve had a trip-ending car breakdown north of Seattle, no way I can get there now. :((((

    Anyone want my ticket? Email me at ea [at] erinanne [dot] com.

    I’m SO bummed. Just had the car serviced yesterday, too. Ouch.

  112. Toolie says:

    Want to go at the last minute? I have a ticket…

  113. Eden Monson says:

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