WordPress at the Command Line – An Introduction to wpshell and wp-cli

You know WordPress through a browser or a text editor, but do you know it at the command line? Learn the power of wpshell and how to transform your data with wp-cli to bring an entirely new toolset to your toolbox.

How to Build a Custom Portfolio Feature Slider

Session info coming soon.

Things We Learned The Hard Way – Things WordPress Pros Wish They’d Known Years Ago

From one of the creators of the new WordPress Code Poet, we’ll hear more details about the past and future of being a pro with WordPress.

There’s a Function for That: Doing More for Less with Core Functions

For my talk, I plan to curate a plethora of interesting, obscure and powerful WordPress functions to give them the attention and love that they need. Drawing from my experience with complex WordPress projects, I would introduce developers to incredible WordPress functions that they never knew existed. Need a function to pull a list of values from an object by key name? Yep! There’s a function for that (wp_list_pluck)! WordPress Core has had so many brilliant developers contribute to it. Part of those contributions have led to an extensive catalog of powerful functions that are waiting to make developer’s lives easier. In my talk, I hope to shed light on these functions to make developer’s work more agile, allow developers to do things the “WordPress way,” and help contribute to the cannon of poetic code in the world.

Performance, Optimization & Scaling

Techniques for optimizing, planning for scaling, and increasing performance in your WordPress environment.

Integrating WordPress with External APIs

WordPress is, essentially, a user interface overlaid atop a database. That said, this UI can incorporate data from external databases and can be used to manipulate that data as well. Any external system exposing an API for retrieving or manipulating information can be integrated with WordPress. My session will cover the tools and APIs available to do so, highlight a few real-world examples, and delve into a detailed live-code session showing the APIs at work.

The Art & Science of “Premium”

Lessons from the road making a successful & popular premium WordPress plugin. We will share the strategies we employed to be profitable and the mistakes we made while learning. If you are considering selling plugins or themes, the best advice I can give you is to find people who have been successful and grab their coat tails.

Going Beyond The Basics – Intro to WordPress Code

For those people who have mastered basic use of WordPress and are interested in extending their capabilities and learning more about tweaking WordPress themes and code – but are not actual developers.

Underscoring Theme Development

This talk will cover best practices in WordPress theme development with a strong focus on using the Underscores theme as a starting point. Underscores is a starter theme created by the Theme Team at Automattic and serves as a base for all of the new themes they create for Talk will cover the benefits of starting with a solid base that passes Theme Check right from the start, an overview and demonstration of converting a design comp into a WordPress theme, strategies to approach styling nested elements: menus, widget, and comments, and how to activate core custom header and background features.

WordPress Security

Description coming soon.

SEO for Bloggers

Justin will be sharing actionable SEO advice for bloggers, with a focus on increasing blog traffic. Last year he covered plugins and development. This year he’ll be speaking about tactics and strategies for performing better in organic search, including content strategies, building relationships, and link building.

How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul

Congratulations, you have a brand new blog! But how do you get people to read it? ‘Promotion’ is something you need to learn if you want anyone to see the website that you’re putting a lot of time into working on. We’ll talk about how you can leverage social networks and social bookmarking sites to gain readers and how to build relationships with other bloggers who will help you out along the way. By the end of this session you’ll know how to market your blog without losing your soul.

WYSI-WHA!?! Taming the WordPress Editor

Two experienced WordPress pros show you their tips & tricks for working with posts and pages. They’ll cover common mistakes, best practices, and the hidden gems even power users miss. By the end of this presentation, you’ll know how to make the editor work for you!

Copyright Craziness: Reality, The Law, and the Future

If you’re a WordPress user, copyright affects you. Let’s talk about basic copyright law, how it applies to blogging and other internet publishing, but then move beyond and into a discussion about the realities of the internet and shifting attitudes towards copyright as we look to the future. This talk will be a mix of concrete legal ideas, tips for WordPress and other internet tools that involve copyright, as well as some philosophy and speculation about copyright for the future internet publisher.

Using WordPress as Your Company’s Website

How to setup and use WordPress as a static website and content management system for small business. Includes setup, theme considerations, giving access to employees, etc.

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